Holly Durocher

owner, interior designer

Holly Durocher Interior Designer.jpg

Already drawn to natural materials in decorating as a young creative, my passion for eco-friendly methods was sparked while enrolled in environmental design courses at university and was then further engrained after managing Reclaim, a bustling green home store in Menlo Park, California. Discovering beautiful furniture and accessories that are also sustainable continues to be a fun and motivating challenge in my practice today. 

Over the past 10 years, clients have shared with me that they appreciated my professional yet down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor, which keeps them grounded throughout their project. Each of my projects are thoughtfully designed and executed with my top goal in mind: to have my clients comfortable and happy in their home for years to come. I hold a B.S. in Interior Architecture from UC Davis.


I dedicate my practice to my sweet grandmother, Martha, who was a source of endless creative encouragement and who created a magical, comforting, beautiful home that I will forever carry with me.


Design Approach


The truest homes are created through an organic, yet deliberate, process to achieve a vision that is as authentic and unique as my clients.

There are key design principles that I utilize in every project, but for the rest of it - for the real creative work - I follow my intuition, not a formula. I believe in getting to know my clients to uncover their vision of home and what it means to them. That's when the soul of a project comes through.

True design is personal and it takes time.

A home should have a sense of personal history, but also embrace practical solutions for everyday life. I want to see the paintings you adore, but don’t know where to hang. Or your grandfather’s antique chair that has seen better days, but that you can’t seem to part with. Tell me about how you really live in your home, not an Instagram perfect version - the honest way you exist and move through your space.

Share with me your ideal vision and we will create a haven that is a comforting and true reflection of you. 


Disclaimer: any information on this website and blog is written by me and reflects my personal opinions. I am not a doctor and the advice given on should not be taken as medical advice, but rather suggestions that should be further researched by you.