Design Packages


Mini Design Packages



Do you know what one of the most eco-friendly (and budget friendly) things you can do when designing your home? Use what you already own!

I will show you how to reconfigure your space using furnishings you already own to make it beautiful and functional, and suggest key additions along with design tips that will make a big impact.  Includes: 30 minute video call, 1 floor plan drawing, mini mood board, and list of design tips.

Starting at $625 per room for eDesign or…


One of my most popular services is the one-on-one design consultation. If you’ve ever wanted to pick a designer’s brain, this is your chance! This two hour in-home consultation includes discussing any of your design and decorating questions while I offer solutions and recommendations for how to achieve your vision. A detailed questionnaire will be provided prior to the meeting so we can be a productive as possible.

2 HOURS AT $350


Specialized Design Packages


Whether it's an Airbnb, VRBO, or other rental property, let me do the leg work for you! I'll create an eco-friendly design, select all necessary amenities, as well as provide suggestions for unique guest offerings that will set your property apart from the rest.

Starting at $1,250 per room for eDesign or…

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There are an overwhelming amount of nursery decor choices on the market and "green-washing" can make it difficult to know what furnishings are truly safe for your baby. This package will give you the best non-toxic options for your nursery. 

Starting at $1,250 per room for eDesign or…

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This a great option for clients that are confident in their design direction, but might want an expert eye to bounce their ideas off of. Professional design consultations are available in 5 or 10 hour increments. Once you purchase a block of time, your account is credited the total amount. The fees will be deducted from your account in 5 minute increments, whether it's an in-person meeting or an email message, it's up to you how you use the time.

5 hours at $600. 10 hours at $1,100.

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