eDesign is fast, room-by-room design with a one-stop shopping list. 


What is eDesign?

I believe in making beautiful design accessible to everyone and eDesign is the perfect way to receive professional interior design services at a fraction of the cost of a full service design project. All of our communications are done online so I can work with clients anywhere in the world. Plus, it’s fast! Projects are typically completed in just a few weeks. This service is great for clients that enjoy managing their own project, but will benefit from an expert interior design plan.

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How does eDesign work?

I provide personalized attention and the process will be very similar to working with me on any other type of project except we won’t have in-home design meetings (unless purchased separately) since all of our communications are done online. Also, with eDesign, all of the furnishings recommended are typically only available from online retailers so that you can make purchases and complete the design at your own pace.

What’s included?

  • Expert design advice from yours truly.

  • Visual design board with one revision included.

  • 1 floor plan and additional detail drawings if needed.

  • Complete shopping guide with clickable links.

  • Clear instructions to implement your design.

  • Design support for 10 days after project completion should any new questions arise.

  • Eco-friendly recommendations.

  • Purchasing service add-on available: $500

  • Live in the Bay Area? Add-on an appointment for me to measure your space for you: $175

eDesign pricing starts at $1,250

terms & conditions


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