Savvy Rest: The Best Natural Organic Mattress

“What’s the best and biggest thing I should do to start being more eco-friendly at home?”

This is a question I get over and over again. It’s a little tricky because I don’t think there is a “best” thing you can do to start being more environmentally conscious at home - just start! Anywhere, anytime, anyhow is the best. In fact, habits tend to stick longer if we start small and build upon our changes over time instead of making huge sweeping changes before we’re ready.

BUT if pressed for an answer, I usually recommend starting with your mattress.

Yep! Your mattress.

I’ll be honest, folks are not usually a little perplexed and even a bit disappointed when they hear my answer. I think it’s because people want to make a change that they can see right from the start and a mattress is all covered up.

You know what’s better than only seeing that awesome eco-friendly thing you did? Feeling that awesome eco-friendly thing you did. When you swap out your conventional mattress for a luxuriously comfortable, non-toxic, natural mattress you will reap the rewards of the feeling of a great night’s sleep knowing you aren’t inhaling any toxic chemicals and that your mattress was manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Not all natural mattresses are created equal, and I will be covering more about this topic in the future, but for now I’d like to share with you my personal favorite brand: Savvy Rest. If you’ve known me personally or been a client of mine, you will know how much I love Savvy Rest. I’ve had my organic Serenity Mattress for about 8 years and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

There is so much to love about these mattresses. Here are a few reasons:

  • Made of three, 3” thick layers of natural latex (rubber tree sap) cushions and covered in an organic cotton and wool cover.

  • Your comfort level is totally customizable since you pick the firmness of every layer. My mattress layers are: Firm, Medium, Soft.

  • Organic cotton, wool and natural latex offer the best temperature comfort. I’ve had clients tell me for years that their expensive memory foam mattresses make them overheat.

  • They’re healthy! No chemical fire retardants, formaldehyde, petroleum derivatives, or soy-based oils are used.

  • Mattresses are GOTS-certified and Greenguard Gold certified.

  • Super durable, with a 20-year limited warranty.

  • Savvy Rest is a Certified B-Corporation so you know they are true to their word when it comes to sustainable practices and transparency.

  • They have amazing customer service and are a wonderful employee-owned company based in Charlottesville, VA.

Can you tell I’m a Savvy Rest fan?

I know how overwhelming choosing a new mattress can be, especially with a lot of misleading information out there. Share your questions with me below and I’ll guide you through it!